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Stalwart and Adventurers Extraordinaire! Friends and companions through thick and thin… Kind of…

The land is beset by demon invaders crossing to the isle from the mainland. It is the duty of all heroes to defend the kingdoms from these invaders.

The party is varied, and shows great promise.

They are:

Steiner Krauss – A paladin of Iomedae whose tremendous strength allow him to take the fight to the enemy with his tremendous sword. Righting wrongs and standing up for those too weak to defend themselves, he strives to drive evil out of the land. He has collected some companions along the way, stalwart friends all.

Garret – The orphaned rogue fell in when Steiner and Rowan stood up for him to some local bullies. His rough childhood led to his sneaky style, and he is always ready to tumble in to take the enemy unawares during combat.

Issac – This quiet elf and his white wolf pup are still a mystery to the party, as they have yet to divulge the secrets of their past. Issac is deadly with his great longbow, and his wolf is always eager to close to the fight.

Seger – A cleric of Sarenrae, Seger is the newest companion in the group. His sense of fairness and preservation of life sometimes clash with Steiner’s fatalistic views towards evil, but also tempers his sometimes overzealous reactions. He is a fine healer, and shows no fear in combat.

There are many adventures ahead, and these heroes will face them head on. Whether to the salvation of their homelands or the ruination of all still remains to be seen…

Home Page

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